About Surjot Kaur

Dear Reader,

Surjot Kaur is a spiritual name.  In the early days of my kundalini yoga practice, I was told that this name means, “the lioness who continually renews herself and others with God’s light.”  Later, another teacher told me this name means “the princess of the frequency that holds the entire creation together.”  Finally, a beautiful guide told me that sur-jot is a name of the one who has command of The Word.

At birth, my parents gave me the name Rebecca Jane Johnson.  I cherish and adore the name my parents gave me, and many dear ones continue to call me Rebecca.  But as a yoga teacher, and in the yoga community, my spiritual name gives me a clear focus.  A spiritual name gives a yogi a path to her destiny.  One benefit of committing to a daily practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is that a yogi quickly appreciates the difference between living according to the whims of fate and living according to one’s own destiny.  The challenge is in realizing how I am responsible for knowing the difference, and I am responsible for embracing what needs to be done to remain committed to the destiny path.

Since beginning to practice Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, my life has become a prayer.  May I joyfully embrace my responsibility to grow in consciousness.  May I continue to practice–with every breath, thought, word, and action–to renew myself and others with God’s light.  May the benefits of my practice be received by all beings everywhere.

This website is intended as a teaching tool that offers insights, inspiration, and support to anyone exploring yoga and meditation.  This website also shares one yogi’s personal journey of what it means to renew oneself and others with God’s light.  This website explores, expresses, reveals, and wonders at the awesome facets of human consciousness.  This is my humble attempt to reach out, to connect, to encourage, to inform, and to dialogue with you the reader and your universe in hopes to discover more deeply how we may collaborate to heal, to uplift, and to serve all.

In my daily experience, I am a yoga teacher, a mother, a wife, an English teacher, a writer, and a musician.  I speak fluent Mandarin.  I blog for the Spirit Voyage Yogini Tribe and for 3HO (Happy, Healthy, Holy Organization).  I completed my Level 1 Yoga teacher training with Krishna Kaur in Los Angeles and have completed one Level 2 module called “Conscious Communication” with Krishna Kaur, Nirvair Singh, and Guru Singh at Yoga West, also in Los Angeles.  I volunteer as a tutor for READ/San Diego, an adult literacy program.  I currently teach a weekly yoga class open to all levels at the Adams Avenue Rec Center.

That’s a bit about me.  I am here to learn how I can best serve.  I’m reaching out, communicating, in the spirit of longing to hear from any and all who read this blog and find it useful.  I invite anyone out there to let me know how I may renew you with God’s light.

May all Love surround you now and always!  Sat Nam!

Your friend,

Surjot Kaur