When Mothers Pray, Infinity Must Listen

Yogi Bhajan said, “The most powerful prayer in the universe is the prayer of the mother.”

So, envision a whole collective of mothers coming together to pray for schools and communities that are safe, nurturing, and conscious.  This collective prayer is for communities that encourage mothers to raise blissful children.  This prayer is for every human being to heal and uplift the mother within and the child deep within everyone.

Sat Naam!


Divine Mother

One Heart Fire 3

Day Three

We often lament the pain of separation from ourselves, each other, or the divine.  But perhaps there is something perfect about feeling separate and lonely.  There is something so perfect about our perceived disconnect from the One Heart.  There is something within the experience of separation that builds our longing to unite.

In his poem, Absolutely Clear, Hafiz writes:

Don’t surrender your loneliness

So quickly.

Let it cut more deep.

Let it ferment and season you

As few human

Or even divine ingredients can.

Something missing in my heart tongiht

Has made my eyes so soft,

My voice

So tender,

My need of God 



When I grow infinitely lonely, I meditate or read a poem and try to re-ignite my longing.  I try to remember that I am here to make my way back Home.

Please join me in practicing eleven days of the Maha Gyan Agni Pranayam to honor the San Shaman of southern Africa who will Ignite the One Heart Fire on May 24, 2017 to elevate human consciousness to the Ninth Wave of Creation.

Humble Prayer:

May we use the energy of our pain of separation to launch us to the cozy center of the One Heart.  Sat Nam!

One Heart Fire 2

Day Two

I appreciate this blog post from the Huff Post that discusses Unity Consciousness.  What I want to celebrate and embrace most is the idea of moving from communication to communion.

It is so satisfying to be able to enjoy communion with one another.  Try it.  Communicate directly heart-to-heart, without using words.  Make eye contact.  Acknowledge all that we share.  Focus on our connections:  We all suffer.  We all fear losing what we love.  We all die.  We all experience loss.  We all need to forgive ourselves.  We all long to be loved.  We all contain infinite potential to create.  When we focus attention on these commonalties, we heal through building more connection.  It sounds simple.  It is.  Just commit to practicing it.

Please join me in eleven days of practicing Maha Gyan Agni Pranayam.  And on May 24, light a candle and say a humble prayer for humanity to evolve through enlightened Unity Consciousness.  Honor the Shamanic San Bushmen of southern Africa as they Ignite the One Heart Fire.  May we resonate with the 9th Wave of Creation.

Sat Nam!

40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Thirty Nine

Beloved Everywhere,  This is my conscious prayer.

May the human family learn to thrive and be happy under the increased levels of pressure that we are all experiencing.  May we train our minds and intuition to perceive inner dimensions while the senses navigate the outer world with dignity and grace.  May more and more souls chose to experience the sacred sound current as a way to elevate the frequencies of the mind’s thought waves.  May we all come to understand the significance of every word we speak and every word we think.  May we accept, take responsibility for, and acknowledge that our words create our world.  May we come to celebrate that by tuning in to our inner sounds, and by harmonizing those inner sounds with sacred sounds, we experience our inner wisdom and merge with the vast awareness of Divine Silence.  If only one being on this planet experiences Divine Silence, may that one experience elevate every being. May collective human consciousness know deep and perfect ease with All That Is.

Sat Nam!


40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Thirty Eight

“Our prayers alone are not enough.”  President Barak Obama insisted today when he was speaking about the mass shooting in Roseburg, Oregon.  True.  Prayers are not enough, if we only pray when there is a tragedy!

Prayer is not something we need only resort to when things are horrific.  Prayer must be a vibration we sustain constantly and consciously.  I envision a world in which we can look in one another’s eyes and pray to, pray with, pray for, pray at, pray around, and pray into one another.  There will be no awkward feelings, no embarrassment, no fear of vulnerability, no timidity, no mockery when we finally, really communicate through prayer.

Forget about polite conversation.  Forget about heated debate!  Forget about lectures and intellectual discourse and gossip and trash talk and talk shows and small talk!  Forget about texting and blogging and storytelling!  I want prayer.

I want only to communicate to you with my prayer, with my conscious prayer, with my desperate prayer, with my passionate prayer, with my mother’s prayer, with my lover’s prayer, with my teacher’s prayer, with my appellate prayer, with my infinite prayer, and with my silent prayer! 

In this world that I am imagining, two dear friends, let’s name them Dearest and Beloved, sit to have tea.  Here is what their connection through spoken prayer will sound like:

Dearest:  Oh, Great Mystery, teach us how to trust.

Beloved:  Teach us how to trust our hearts.

Dearst:  Trust our minds.

Beloved:  Trust our intuition.

Dearest:  Trust our inner knowing.

Beloved:  Trust our sensory system.

Dearest:  Trust the blessings of our Spirit.

Beloved:  Teach us, Great Mystery, to trust these things so that we may enter our Sacred Spaces.

Dearest:  Teach us to love beyond our fear.

Beloved:  So that we may walk in balance with the passing of each glorious Sun.

Dearest:  Sat Nam!  Amen.  Hallelujah!  Glory be!

Dearest pours a little more tea into Beloved’s cup, and they continue to sip while they watch the sunset and allow their co-created prayer to merge with the silence.

I think John Lennon would agree with me in imagining this “brotherhood of man” or, in this case, infinite partnerships in prayer.

Dearest Beloved Mystery, please guide us all through times of deep grief that we may move through yet another tragic incident with consciousness and grace.  Please serve those who suffer most, serve them the perfect energies to help them experience comfort, relief, forgiveness, compassion, healing, strength. May we all take the conscious steps needed to make this a world that enjoys more peace and less violence.  May we give more attention and love to peaceful pursuits and images and songs.  May we turn our heads, our eyes, and our ears away from the glorified and gratuitous violence in films, music, and media.  May we continue to give more and more glory and attention to our own inner knowing, our spirit, our breath of life.  May we continue to give more and more glory and attention to our friends’ inner knowing, spirit, and breath of life.  May we continue to give more and more glory and attention to strangers’ inner knowing, spirit, and breath of life.  May those who have passed from this Earth plane find peace.  May they merge into beloved light.  Akal.  Akal.  Akal.

Sat Nam!


40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Thirty Four

Meditating while basking in the energy of a full lunar eclipse amplifies the effects of the meditation.

It’s the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival.  Our family gathers on the patio to observe the Moon.  We drink tea.  The children dance and laugh.  The dog rests his chin between his paws.  We observe the eclipsed moon as a dark, blood-red orb.  She gradually removes this veil and reappears in all her silver-white glory.  She reflects.  The oracles guide us to acknowledge this evening as a time for deep reflection and for seeing and understanding that reality is a reflection of who and what we are–our flaws, our greatness, our potential.

Have you heard tell of Yin and Yang, the lovers residing on the moon?  An old legend says that Lady Yin washes Master Yang’s feet in a rose-scented milky way.  Then he combs her hair with a comb made of sun beams.  Once a year, they dance an ecstatic dance that causes an awesome Moonquake.  This seismic activity sends ripples out into Infinity.  Earth receives subtle shifts in its neutron stream.  These shifts effect human beings in a variety of ways from triggering lunatic behavior to inspiring the composition of symphonies and the writing of novels.

It is said that if a human practices a certain pranayama (breathing meditation) during this time, that person will receive the gift of god consciousness.  Here’s the practice:  Inhale deeply.  Gently hold the breath without holding any tension in the body and mentally utter (inwardly utter) the word ecstasy.  Exhale all the air out of the body.  Mentally utter ecstasy.  Inhale and repeat this pattern.  Continue the practice for three minutes.  Then put on some good music and dance.

May you liberate yourself from the tricky influences of the subconscious mind.  May you live according to your god consciousness.  May you know ecstatic, divine love because your nerves are strong, your mind serves your soul, your heart creates miracles, your navel point syncs with the Infinite Pulse.  May your will and Divine Will be One. 

Sat Nam!



40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Twenty Six

When we agree to accept that each one of us is excellent, with potential beyond what we usually recognize, then we shall become willing to help one another realize that excellence.

May your mind be supported by your will rather than supported by ego.  May you have breadth, quickness, and openness.  May you open up to Infinity and become Infinity.  May you radiate courage and selflessness.  May you understand through compassion.  May angels, saints, and sages accompany you everywhere.  May you smile often.    

Sat Nam!

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