One Heart Fire 7

Day 7

The Maha Gyan Agni Pranayam practice engages the Siri Mantra.  This is the mantra:

Ek Ong Kaar, Sat Gur Prasaad Sat Gur Prasaad, Ek Ong Kaar

There is another meditation that chants the Siri Mantra; it is called the Indra Nittri Meditation.

The Indra Nittri meditation was taught by Guru Nanak to his son, Baba Siri Chand.  Baba Siri Chand was known as a baal yogi, a yogi who does not age but maintains the youthful appearance of a boy, though he is an old man.  The tradition tells us that Baba Siri Chand lived to be 160 years old.

The Siri Mantra, regardless of what meditation you are practicing, brings great intution to the practitioner and should be practiced with great reverence.  Indra Nittri means ‘the eyes of Indra.’   This suggests that every pore of the body will become like an all-seeing eye.  You will expand your consciousness into great intuitive knowledge, intuitive wisdom.

The Siri Mantra itself translates to mean something like this:

One Creator is Creation, and this true bliss wisdom is gifted by grace; the true bliss wisdom that is gifted by grace is the realization that this One creator and the whole ongoing creation are One.

Its veneration of oneness consciousness makes the Siri Mantra a beautiful mantra to practice to observe May 24, 2017 and the igniting of the One Heart Fire.

Please join me in praciting the Maha Gyan Agni Pranayam to observe the shamanic ceremony to Ignite the One Heart Fire to usher humanity into the Ninth Wave of Creation, enlightened unity consciousness.

Humble Prayer:

May all beings, whether they are aware or not, be warmed by and experience the illuminating power of the One Heart Fire.  Sat Nam!



Yoga with Haiku

The Five Tattvas Haiku


We pass a dark house.

Inside, a woman ready to die,

sings a full moon hymn.



Walk close to the edge,

so our Friend can push us

into the cold pool.



We Sit together

in this burning yogi cave.

The empty bowl sings.



We chant the true name.

The cave fills with strong, cold wind;

yet, there is no sound.



Hush and divine void,

the seers enter Samadhi.

Silence hums and spins.



Words melt, light breeze–

All within these empty hands,

Now Great Cosmic Love.




40 Days of Radiant Words

Day Twenty Seven

These are three radiant words that a yogi continually reflects on:

Sadhana, Aradhana, Prabhupathi

Sadhana is a daily spiritual discpline.

Aradhana is when that daily spiritual discipline becomes something that you want to do and the practice in and of itself gives great joy.

Prabhubati means “spouse of God.”  This is a stage of atunement to the super-consciousness.  Everything is experienced as harmony even if the gross ourward circumstance seems challenging or disastrous.  A person feels more of the pain of the entire cosmos, and more of its joy, but rests in the neutral, sublime state of mind in the mastery of the Beloved Creator.  Compassion gives one a capactiy to forgive the unforgivable.

May I be humble and alert in my observation of my own consciousness through its relationship to the process of Sadhana, Aradhana, and Prabhubati.

Please join me in practicing this meditation for 11 minutes for 40 days: Meditation to Develop the Radiant Body.

Question for reflection:

What words would I think, write, speak, and repeat if I knew that whatever words I think, write, speak, and repeat must happen?



40 Days of Radiant Words

Day 12

Once, I came across a bar graph that represented a survey.  People were asked to compare how clearly they can articulate their thoughts when they speak versus how clearly they can articulate their thoughts when they write.  More people responded that they felt ten times more able to articulate their thoughts in writing than through speaking.

I wondered how people would respond if the question were not about how well they can articulate their thoughts but how well they could articulate their awareness, their consciousness, their spirit, their soul.  After all, the yogis remind us that the mind releases one thousand thoughts per blink of the eye.  Many of these thoughts are not so useful, and I dare say some are pure garbage.

So, is articulating thought such a helpful thing anyway?  What does articulating consciousness look or sound or feel like in written and spoken words?

When I started wrestling with this idea that it seems we often privilege thought over awareness, I mentioned this to my teacher and expressed my concern about the excess of dark, dark thoughts looming about these days.

My teacher simply said, “Plunge, my dear, plunge!”  I looked at her, confused.  Plunge?  She continued, saying, “Has it occurred to you that your struggle might be a divine tool for bringing about magnificence?”

Today’s radiant words are from the The Radiance Sutras.

Secrets are hidden in darkness and difficult nights.  You awaken into a pang of aloneness, a howl of separation.  This is the call of the Dark One, the roar of life seeking its source.  The union you long for is within reach.  Throw off all hesitation.  Become one with the fear.  Plunge into the uncanny blackness, eyes wide open, as if there were no other choice.  Vibrating with fierce tenderness, breathe intimately with the Lord of infinite space.

May we enter every darkness vibrating fierce tenderness and trust the wisdom of infinite space to guide us to our beloved source.  May breathing intimately with the Lord of infinite space continue to remind us of the shimmering presence of the Beloved Creator of All That Is.